The prudential regulatory framework for banks comprises a range of different European and national regulations. These include directives, regulatory and implementing technical standards, and national legislation and implementing regulations. The aforementioned framework is further supplemented by guidelines and recommendations issued by the European Banking Authority, various documents issued by the European Central Bank and other related documents.

To facilitate an overview of all regulations and other documents that banks must take into account or be familiar with, those regulations and documents are broken down by substantive area. Substantive areas typically follow the structure of chapters in the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR), while other relevant chapters have been added. With the aim of ensuring the most comprehensive presentation of the existing and future regulatory framework for banks, the overview includes valid documentation such as consultation documents and documents issued during interim phases of the adoption procedure, prior to their final publication in the relevant official journals. The overview is expected to be updated weekly.

The legislation available in English is listed in the EN columns.