National payments council

The Bank of Slovenia promotes the activities of market participants, with the aim of improving competition and promoting the development of the market in payments and payment services. It also acts as a catalyst to overcome coordination problems between market participants that may hinder the attainment of common objectives. Acting as a liaison between service providers and users, the Bank of Slovenia is able to guide the development of the payment services market in Slovenia in accordance with Eurosystem policy, and to obtain adequate information from key market stakeholders.

In light of its unique institutional position as part of the public authorities, as a neutral institution and as an active market participant with numerous relationships with other market participants, in 2013 the Bank of Slovenia established the National Payments Council to provide a dialogue between all key stakeholders in the payment services market. 

The National Payments Council's vision is a payments market that enables users to choose safe, efficient for society as a whole, innovative, inclusive and sustainable payment methods that meet their needs.

The platform provided by the National Payments Council is where representatives of the supply and demand sides of the payment services market can meet to coordinate their interests, to set their priorities and to resolve any misunderstandings. Broad participation in the National Payments Council is essential, as it encourages common understanding and the addressing of issues that cannot be resolved by a single entity or a group of stakeholders.

The National Payments Council is active in the following areas:

  • SEPA credit transfers;
  • SEPA direct debits;
  • card payments;
  • e-payments and m-payments;
  • innovations in payments; and
  • payments-related issues (e.g. standards, fraud and security).

The National Payments Council’s objectives, working methods and principles of operation are set out in the Decision on the establishment of the National Payments Council (in Slovene) and the Rules of procedure of the National Payments Council (in Slovene).


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