EBA - Single rulebook Q&A

On this page you can submit your questions to the European banking authority (EBA) with regard to the CRD IV and the CRR, the corresponding regulatory and implementing technical standards, and EBA guidelines:

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Single Rulebook Q&A


The Q&A process put in place by the EBA relates directly to the implementation of the new legislative package of the CRD IV and the CRR. Its purpose is to contribute to the most consistent and effective possible implementation and the uniform application of the CRD IV and the CRR, and to the development of supervisory practice throughout the EU.

In each question asked, the EBA and the European Commission present the minimum standard of interpretation of the issue in question in the EU. Although the answers are not legally binding, the EBA emphasises that national supervisors should take them into strict consideration at banks.

Please familiarise yourself with the Q&A process before submitting a question:

  • Before submitting a question, it is necessary to check whether there is already an answer to the question here.
  • In addition to the question itself, on the Q&A page it is also necessary to complete fields in connection with the subject, contact information and examples for better understanding of the question, and to suggest an answer.
  • Questions are generally posted in English. Questions in national languages first have to be translated by the EBA, which lengthens the time taken to deal with them.
  • Answers to questions are generally published in English, unless the question has been posted in another national language. 


Additional EBA instructions for using the Q&A process