Monthly report on bank performance

Published: June 17, 2024

Banka Slovenije publishes monthly the key data of the banking system for the last available month. More detailed data on bank operations are also available in the form of an enriched statistical database.

We are releasing the December and January statistical supplement with revised data, as banks have reported subsequent corrections for the observed periods. These corrections pertain to deposits within the other financial sector and NFC.


Banking system's assets and liabilities, as at 30 April 2024

Notes: * Loans to non-banking sector not held for trading based on “Methodology for compiling the recapitulation of the statement of financial position” comprise loans and other financial assets at amortised cost (from A.VI), at fair value (FV) through P&L (from A.III), and at FV through other comprehensive income (from A.IV).
** Financial assets / securities on the asset side comprise total financial assets from A.II, including loans held for trading, while equities and debt securities other than loans are captured from other categories of financial asset (A.III, A.IV and A.V).
***Total financial liabilities measured at amortized cost in 2008 also include banks' liabilities to the central bank.
**** Includes subordinated debt until 31 December 2017. Under the IFRS 9 methodology, the item of “subordinated debt” is abolished, and these liabilities are included under liabilities to banks.
Source: Bank of Slovenia.


Growth in bank investments 

Note: The category ""Financial assets/securities"" also includes debt securities from the category of loans and receivables. The category ""Liquid assets"" include cash, balances at CB and sight deposits at banks.
Source: Bank of Slovenia.


Deposits by sector

Source: Bank of Slovenia.


ROE, net interest margin, and ratio of impairment and provisioning costs to total assets

Note: The ratios of net interest margin to interest-bearing assets and net impairment and provisioning costs to total assets are always calculated for the preceding 12 months. Pre-tax ROE within the year is calculated on a cumulative basis up to the most recent data available. For 2013, the value of ROE was -100.
Source: Bank of Slovenia.