The Advisory Group on Market Infrastructures for Payments National Stakeholder Groups (AMI-Pay NSG) provides a platform that enables the involvement of national stakeholders, their cooperation and dialog amongst them in the area of infrastructures development and payments. Acting as a liaison between the respective local markets the AMI-Pay NSG expresses its views and proposals towards the Eurosystem on the issues that it deals with. Furthermore, the AMI-Pay NSG undertakes to implement – for all stakeholders represented in it – acceptable activities, with the key objective to support the financial and payments market integration and to provide advice on financial market infrastructures managed by the Eurosystem, including related projects.


The AMI-Pay NSG is the successor of the TARGET2-Slovenija National User Group (NSU-T2). Its responsibilities, tasks and principles of operations are defined in the mandate of the AMI-Pay NSG (in Slovene) and in the Rules of procedure of the AMI-Pay NSG (in Slovene).

The participants in the AMI-Pay NSG are:

  • Bank of Slovenia
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Bank Association of Slovenia
  • KDD d. d.
  • Bankart d. o. o.
  • Banks and savings bank