Payment services

Payment services are defined as:

  • services enabling cash deposits to a payment account, and all the operations required for operating a payment account;
  • services enabling cash withdrawals from a payment account, and all the operations required for operating a payment account;
  • services enabling the execution of payment transactions debited or credited on a payment account of the payment service provider who keeps the payment account or other payment service provider;
  • services enabling the execution of payment transactions, the funds of which are covered by credit line to a user;
  • issuing of payment instruments and/or acquiring of payment transactions;
  • execution of money remittance;
  • payment initiation services;
  • account information services.

In Slovenia payment services may be provided by payment service providers that are: (i) banks, (ii) electronic money institutions, (iii) electronic money institutions with a waiver, (iv) payment institutions, (v) payment institutions with a waiver, (vi) account information service providers, (vii) the Bank of Slovenia, (viii) the Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia and other government and local authority bodies in Slovenia.

Banks, electronic money institutions, payment institutions and waived payment institutions established in Slovenia are required to obtain an authorisation to provide payment services from the Bank of Slovenia in accordance with the Banking Act and the Payment Services, Services of Issuing Electronic Money and Payment Systems Act (in Slovene).