Press release: Guaranteed claims to be repaid to investors in Moja delnica BPH in bankruptcy at NLB

07/26/2016 / Press release

In connection with the bankruptcy proceedings against Moja delnica BPH  d. d., the Bank of Slovenia is responsible for the activation of the guarantee for investors’ claims pursuant to Article 467 of the Financial Instruments Market Act. To this end the Bank of Slovenia will gather the requisite funds from members of the guarantee scheme: investment firms, asset management companies, and banks that provide investment services and transactions. The Bank of Slovenia will issue members of the guarantee scheme with decisions on the contribution of funds, once the Securities Market Agency has, in accordance with Article 463a of the Financial Instruments Market Act, reviewed and confirmed the amounts of the guaranteed claims of individual investors, calculated the total amount of the guarantee payment and determined the amount that must be paid by each member of the scheme for the payment of the guarantee.

The Financial Instruments Market Act stipulates the deadline for the initial payment of guaranteed claims as 30 business days after the issue of the court order on the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, i.e. 23 August 2016. Once the members of the scheme have contributed the requisite funds on the basis of the Bank of Slovenia decision, the investors will be notified of the payment of the guaranteed deposit at the recipient bank. In accordance with the second paragraph of Article 466 of the Financial Instruments Market Act, the Bank of Slovenia has designated Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d. as the recipient bank.

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