A CD with music by Slovenian composers released under the sponsorship of Banka Slovenije

02/07/2022 / Press release

At Banka Slovenije we see our mission as being not just about helping create a stable economic environment, but also, within a broader social context, about promoting the preservation and development of cultural heritage. For this reason we are increasingly prioritising young people, in terms of their education and scope for expression in today’s environment. As part of our Music of Slovenian Composers project, marking the 30th anniversary of Banka Slovenije, we hosted the talented young musician Tanja Sonc, who performed various pieces by Slovenian composers together with a team of young musicians. The CD's aim is to promote Slovenian music and culture abroad, while providing a premium music experience.

Placed at the centre of the Music of Slovenian Composers project is a violin made in 1850 by Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, which Banka Slovenije owns and rents out to the talented musician and solo violinist Tanja Sonc, as part of its programme through which it supports young artists. Sonc is a member of the Zurich Chamber Orchestra and a recipient of numerous awards at national and international competitions.

The musician selected and performed, with the accompaniment of other musicians, compositions by Lucijan Marija Škerjanc, Alojz Srebotnjak, Marijan Lipovšek, Nenad Firšt, Hugo Wolf, Slavko Osterc and Matija Krečič. At its 30th anniversary Banka Slovenije thus paid tribute to important Slovenian composers and musicians, who, alongside numerous other artists, form one of the strongest pillars of Slovenian identity.

You can listen to the works on all popular digital music platforms.

At Banka Slovenije we not only promote music, but also provide an opportunity for young artists to express themselves at Mala galerija BS, where a series of successful young artists' exhibitions has already been mounted under our sponsorship, and promote education at the BS Museum.

A video clip of Lucijan Marija Škerjanec's Arietta, which was filmed on the premises of Banka Slovenije, can be viewed here (YouTube).