Gold and silver medallions released to mark the 30th anniversary of Banka Slovenije; limited numbers of 20th anniversary medallions also on sale

09/23/2021 / Press release

Banka Slovenije is issuing gold and silver medallions to mark its 30th anniversary, which is being celebrated this year. The medallions go on sale on 4 October. Chosen in an online survey, the design depicts the mutual dependence of the country and the central bank.

A limited number of the medallions minted by Banka Slovenije to mark its 20th anniversary will also be made available.

Banka Slovenije is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its establishment this year. To mark the occasion, 500 gold medallions and 1,000 silver medallions will be made available for sale, priced at EUR 600 and EUR 60 respectively. The designs were created by Tevž Zrinski. They can be purchased at the Banka Slovenije counters, and via our agent, Moro & Kunst.

Illustration: Obverse and reverse of the gold medallion marking the 30th anniversary of Banka Slovenije


At the same time we will offer people the chance to purchase a limited number of medallions minted in 2011 for our 20th anniversary, in the following forms:

  • 60 sets of four medallions (gold and silver medallions marking the 20th anniversary of Banka Slovenije, and gold and silver medallions marking the 30th anniversary of Banka Slovenije) at a price of EUR 1,500 per set and
  • 250 individual silver medallions minted for the 20th anniversary of Banka Slovenije, at a price of EUR 70 per medallion.

Given the limited stocks of medallions from 2011, a lottery will be held to give all potential buyers an equal chance of purchase. Applications will be accepted from 4 October to 3 November 2021, via the online form found on this link from 4 October. The buyers who win the lottery will be able to purchase a maximum of one set of medallions or one individual silver medallion. The payment and the delivery of medallions will be made at the Banka Slovenije counters.

Detailed terms and conditions for applications, and for the purchase and collection of Banka Slovenije medallions from 2011 and sets of Banka Slovenije medallions marking its 20th and 30th anniversaries can be found in the Conditions for the Sale of Medallions for the 20th and 30th anniversaries of Banka Slovenije.