Invitation to a public debate: The future of Europe – Challenges from the monetary policy perspective

07/01/2021 / Press release

What is the COVID-19 crisis effect on the stability of the Euro?

How important is it for the export-oriented companies?

When will citizens' deposits be equally safe throughout the Euro area, no matter the location?

How far are we with the completion of the Banking Union?

Should the ECB's role and mission be further strengthened?

What are the realistic possibilities for a progress in the fiscal integration in the EU?

Since the beginning of last financial crisis, a lot has been achieved to make the Economic and Monetary Union more integrated and thus to further strength the stability of the European financial system. Accordingly, the Union is today much more resilient to future shocks. Nevertheless, while the Eurozone is successfully tackling new challenges of historic proportions, many elements remain to be completed.

In this context of the ongoing Conference on the Future of Europe as well as to mark the beginning of the Slovenian EU Council Presidency 2021, the Bank of Slovenia is organizing a listening event. Our aim is to exchange views on the current state and future developments of the EMU architecture from the monetary policy perspective – from the completion of the Banking union, progress towards the Capital Markets Union, to the challenges of fiscal integration.

We will start the debate with the exchange of views of our honourable guests:

Andrej Šircelj, Minister of Finance

Peter Kažimír, Governor, Národná banka Slovenska

Boštjan Vasle, Governor, Banka Slovenije

Mojmir Mrak, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

An open debate with the audience will follow, where you could share with us your questions, views and suggestions on above mentioned challenges.

The event will take place in the Bank of Slovenia Hall, Slovenska cesta 35, Ljubljana. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event will be conducted in a hybrid format with live audience as well as live streaming. Translation into English will be provided for live audience only.

Please confirm your participation until Monday, 12 July 2021, at with the information weather you would like to attend the event in person or through video coverage. We kindly ask all those that would like to convey their opinion to attend the event at the Bank of Slovenia premises.

Program is available here.