Higher tier of statistics publication

02/10/2020 / Press release

On 7 February Slovenia joined the Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus (SDDS Plus), the highest tier of statistical reporting set out by the IMF. Slovenia thus joined 22 countries around the world already adhering to this standard. The project involves the Ministry of Finance, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, and the Bank of Slovenia as coordinator.

SDDS Plus is the IMF’s benchmark for the publication of macroeconomic and financial data in a prescribed, internationally comparable manner with regard to the quality, frequency, deadlines and method of publication of data and metadata. In contrast to the SDDS, which Slovenia has adhered to since its creation in 1996, the higher tier introduces additional data categories and a more user-friendly approach to data in the form of time series (also in SDMX format). This ensures the highest level of transparency in the provision of statistical information by individual countries. The data is accessed via the national website, which is provided by the Bank of Slovenia.

The IMF set up the SDDS Plus in 2012, during the economic and financial crisis. The data is intended primarily for analysts and the wider profession, to make it easier to compare between individual countries, and is divided into four parts: the real sector, the fiscal sector, the financial sector and the external sector.

The IMF has also published information about Slovenia’s adherence to the SDDS Plus on its website.