BS│EF Economics Seminar

06/06/2018 / Press release

Banka Slovenije and the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana kindly invite you to the seminar The Household Finance and Consumption Survey and Applications in Austria. Wednesday, 13 June 2018, at 2 p.m. in Great Hall, Banka Slovenije.

The seminar will be presented by Nicolas Albacete and Peter Lindner, OeNB.
The seminar is organized jointly by the Bank of Slovenia and the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana.

Abstract: The presentation will introduce the HFCS in Austria and its most recent applications to analyze financial stability and monetary policy. After an in-depth discussion on the methodology (concerning the questionnaire, sample design, interviewer, field work and editing, weighting, imputation, variance estimation), we present the results of four selected applications using the Austrian HFCS data. The applications are (1) the distribution of residential property price changes across homeowners and its implications for financial stability, (2) simulating the impact of borrower-based macroprudential policies on mortgages and the real estate sector, (3) the wealth channel of monetary policy transmission, and (4) on the effectiveness of LTV, DTI and DSTI ratio limits as macroprudential policy tools.