Mala Galerija to be space for young creatives

04/09/2018 / Press release

The signing of a letter of intent in December of last year was followed today by the signing of a memorandum of understanding as part of the Mala Galerija project between Prof Igor Papič, the dean of the University of Ljubljana, and Dr Boštjan Jazbec, the governor of the Bank of Slovenia. This puts in place all the conditions for Mala Galerija on Slovenska street to become a space showcasing young creatives working in fine art, sculpture, photography, design, textiles, architecture and landscaping in 2019, when the University of Ljubljana celebrates its 100th anniversary

Both the University of Ljubljana and the Bank of Slovenia, which is the owner of Mala Galerija, want to encourage the involvement of young people of potential in art and design outside the established processes mapped out in their study programmes. Mala Galerija will thus present itself to the wider public as a new exhibition space for young artists and designers to show their unique and innovative responses to the current challenges of the age. The provisional eleven exhibitions each year, one of which will be a review, will feature individual and collective achievements, international collaboration and collaboration with members inside the University of Ljubljana.

After signing, Prof Papič said that he was happy that there will be an urban focus to the celebrations of the university’s 100th anniversary where students will be able to showcase their best work. For many this will be an extra incentive, and could be a springboard for new projects. Dr Jazbec said that he was proud that Slovenia too could establish the practice of investing in knowledge and development, as seen elsewhere around the world. The Bank of Slovenia is thus supporting future artists and other exceptional individuals, who will gain a unique opportunity to show their work to the wider public.