Hosting the regional governors’ lunch

05/16/2024 / Press release

The Governor of Banka Slovenije, Boštjan Vasle, hosted a business lunch today in Portorož for the regional governors and representatives of the International Monetary Fund, who, among other things, discussed challenges in the monetary policy of the CESEE region. The lunch meeting took place as part of the international conference held by Banka Slovenije and the International Monetary Fund.

In his opening address, Governor Vasle presented the macroeconomic situation and responses by the monetary policy in the euro area. The keynote speaker was Alfred Kammer, Director of the European Department at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), who discussed the monetary policy in CESEE and the double divergence. Among other things, he touched upon the recent inflation trends in Europe and the United States, discussed potential implications arising from the divergence in monetary policies between the US and the euro area, and addressed the challenges for monetary policy in the CESEE region within this context. This was followed by a discussion by all participants.