Press release on 19 February 2014 - Remuneration Adjustments

02/19/2014 / Press release

Remuneration Adjustments
Today the Bank of Slovenia sent an addendum to the employment contracts of members of the special administration of Probanka to the competent ministry (the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology). In light of the constraints imposed by the Act Governing the Remuneration of Managers of Companies with Majority Ownership held by the Republic of Slovenia or Self-Governing Local Communities, remuneration has been reduced after the government became the sole shareholder of the bank, and comprises a gross salary of EUR 11,988 per month as of the aforementioned day. The salaries of members of the special administration of Factor banka are the same as set out by the basic employment contract, the sums having already been compliant with the aforementioned law. Other remuneration (termination benefits, performance-related pay) has not yet been defined, and will be determined subsequently, within the bounds of the legal possibilities.