Macroprudential policy strategy

Through strategic documents, the Bank of Slovenia has put into place an operational framework for the macroprudential policy and macroprudential supervision of the banking system.
The Bank of Slovenia’s macroprudential policy guidelines clarify the links between the ultimate objective and interim objectives of macroprudential policy, the instruments and interim objectives of macroprudential policy, and the most important indicators of systemic risks and interim objectives.


Strategic Framework

Document Macroprudential Policy for the Banking Sector - Strategic Framework builds on the institutional framework and economic circumstances in Slovenia and establishes a detailed strategic framework for achieving the ultimate and intermediate objectives of macroprudential policy through the use of instruments under the direct control of the Bank of Slovenia. System for monitoring the emergence of systemic risks that is already established or will be introduced in the near future is connected with the principles that will guide the application, deactivation or calibration of macroprudential instruments. Coordination mechanisms with relevant authorities at the national and EU level have been introduced and are presented in the document. Additionally the text formulates a communication policy that will enhance transparency and accountability of the macroprudential policy of the Bank of Slovenia.